Sales Consultancy for SMBs: 4 Telltale Signs Your Business Needs a Sales Consultant in 2021

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Sales consultants are essential assets for companies, particularly small and mid-sized businesses. Businesses of this size, which often have 50 employees or fewer, have shorter sales cycles and leaders are often forced to take on multiple roles. It’s for these reasons that a sales consultant can come in handy.

Their work is increasingly valuable, as evidenced by the fact that there are more than 12,000 management consulting firms in Ireland. Sales consultants craft impactful strategies to help companies improve their sales revenue. Some of the roles they play include training and educating your sales representatives, coaching your staff, collaborating with marketing stakeholders to monetize marketing strategy, and building and sustaining solid working relationships with clients.

Small to medium-sized businesses tend to make some common mistakes that a sales consultant can fix for the long term. Keep reading to learn more about sales consultancy for SMBS and how it can take your company to the next level.

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Why Should You Seek the Professional Help of Sales Consultancy for SMBS?

So, when should you consider hiring the help of a sales consultant? There are a variety of scenarios where this may become imperative.

Regularly identifying your company’s needs and weaknesses will help your company grow and evolve. Sales consultants use their knowledge of the market and of sales leadership to understand weaknesses and create actionable sales strategies to edge out your competition. Get in touch with sales consultants as soon as possible if any of the following is true for your company.

1. Staff Turnover Has Been High

It takes more effort and energy for small to medium-sized businesses to recover from high staff turnover. A valuable sector of the economy, accounting for approximately 48% of business turnover, SMBs feel the effect of volatility in hiring and attrition more keenly as the staff is smaller and consequently the ripple effect is felt more heavily. Particularly with the high concentration of tech firms in Dublin, who offer high salaries and glamour perks, SMBs struggle to compete as candidates are attracted to these big multinationals.

A sales consultant can bring a steadiness to your business that allows you to recruit and train new sales reps. This support can be helpful in creating the right roles and responsibilities, selecting the key sales metrics and ultimately helping you to identify the right profile of a good sales candidate. Sales Consultants also understand the importance of company culture and can help you ascertain if candidates are the best fit all the way across the board.

2. Your Team Isn’t Hitting Its Targets

Clarity is the thing that many smaller businesses don’t have. Sales consultants will not only help you define your goals more specifically but will also devise strategies to hit your targets in a timely fashion. A sales consultant will assist your small to medium-sized business by reviewing your entire operation, analysing data, and taking corrective actions. They provide project management that can help with inefficiencies for the long term as well as being able to help with executive presence.

Smaller companies will need precise forecasting, which sales consultants can also provide. This forecasting, along with strategic planning, will assist your company when it comes to hitting targets. Many SMBs have various professionals playing a lot of roles and wearing a lot of hats. A sales consultant will help you to define everyone’s role and position description so that there’s no confusion about where you’re going and how you will get there. Defining roles will help you to set, track and measure goals. It’s also helpful for your Human Resources (HR) needs.

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3. Your Sales Processes Need Refining

When you need to increase revenue, start by taking a look at your current sales processes. Consultants can refine them so that you are deliberate about taking your customer down every step of the buying journey. They will put your processes and steps into writing, and create modules that help new trainees and provide coaching to ensure good sales approaches. Your sales consultant will also refine these processes whenever you notice stagnancy in revenue growth.

Stagnancy in revenue growth is an issue that many small businesses run into at some point or another. It tends to happen when you’ve hit a wall with the progress that you’re seeing, and don’t have a clear idea of what you should be doing differently.

Professional experts will provide another perspective and set of eyes so that you can hit the ground running with helpful ideas that you never would have come to on your own. Having the help of seasoned experts can give you the inside track on your revenue-generating efforts. They can provide you with resources to further your mission. They can be useful when you need things like communication coaching, brand workshops, sales leadership, and other matters.

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4. Your Company Needs Vision for the Future

When you’re trying to grow your company, it takes tremendous vision to scale and reach the next level. While dreaming and goal planning are important, you sometimes don’t have the context or experience you need to truly refine your vision. A sales consultant will help you shape your vision productively, while also coming up with actionable plans to make it a reality.

Sales consultants are incredibly important if you’re mulling over a decision that will change the course of your business’s future. They’ll be available to field questions every step of the way as you brainstorm and seek solutions. These consultants can give you the objective lens that you need to revive and evolve your company, particularly in the face of industry changes. This will allow them to initiate the wholesale changes that will optimise your staff, increase your cash flow, and protect your company from any liabilities.

Sales consultants have an external perspective and have worked with many other SMBs, they have techniques to stimulate innovation, blue-sky thinking and they can help you turn ideation into a series of practical, strategic steps that help the vision become a reality. They can skillfully facilitate considering opposing polarities and getting conflicting perspectives to give rigour to your ideas.

Find the Sales Consultant That Can Transform Your Company

When you look into the professional help of sales consultancy for SMBS, you will see it’s an asset to your company for both the short-term and the future. Take the time to involve a company that can assist you with whatever services you’re looking for. The Selling Labs is proven, seasoned, and ready to assist you further. Take the time to contact us online or call us on 086 827 3284 and see how we can help increase your sales.

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