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If you’re at an early stage of development you might think that it’s too soon to invest in sales and marketing, but the reality is that the opposite is true. At The Start Labs we offer a range of sales consultancy services designed to help from, well, from the very start.

So whether you’re looking to find out where you fit in the marketplace or need help developing a sales process that will ensure repeatable revenue, our methods will get you there.

We will cover expected costs in our first, free consultation but to give you an idea we are detailing some sample packages here.

All our interventions are delivered in our own unique delivery style, action-orientated, focused on problem solving, interactive, and 100% tailored to your unique business.


Value Proposition - Start Labs

Value Proposition

A thorough investigation of the brand and customers will guide us in developing your brand communications strategy, to include the brand’s vision and mission; its values and purpose; its personality, story and tone of voice.

Package Rate Of €1,500 Includes:

Sales Strategy - Start Labs

Sales Strategy

We build a plan of where to take your business commercially – market share, customer base and sales approach. We bring you tried and tested methods to build a clear – and achievable – path forward.

Package Rate of €1,700 Includes:

Sales Revenuye - Start Labs

Sales Revenue

Instil a performance culture- targets, measurements and rewards- to drive your sales team to optimum results.

Tailored 100% to your organisation’s needs, it will ensure you set the right performance indicators to reach your business goals.

Package Rate of €2,250 Includes:

As well as the above packages a la carte sessions are available from €290 for a 1-1 consultation and from €850 for a half-day tailored workshop including pre and post support. 

Are you interested in one of the featured packages above or would you like to chat about how we can tailor a package to your specific requirements?

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