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Even if you already have an inside sales team, chances are that there is room for improvement in their performance and that’s where The Grow Labs comes in. Using our proven sales consultancy methods we thoroughly assess the current direction your sales and marketing efforts are taking so that we can keep what is working and refine what is not and then work with you to plan for what your sales success looks like so you have a clear – and achievable – path forward.

We will cover expected costs in our first, free consultation but to give you an idea we are detailing some sample packages here.

All our interventions are delivered in our own unique delivery style, action-orientated, focused on problem solving, interactive, and 100% tailored to your unique business.


Sales Focus Expertise - Grow Labs Sales 2 Sales

Advanced Sales Training

Sales success starts with a clear vision and mission for your sales efforts with specific goals and key performance results.

Using our proven sales consultancy methods we work with you to ensure sales success with a clear – and achievable – path forward.

Package Rate of €2,100 Includes:

Innovation Workshop - Grow Labs

High Performing Teams

A coaching style of management is proven to get better results than the traditional, more directive style.

By using coaching principles, managers and leaders convert command and control into empowerment and collaboration. Cultures of blame transform into feedback and self-motivation becomes the norm.

Package Rate Of €2,100 Includes:

Sales Recruitment Package - Grow Labs

Recruiting Sales People

Clients tell us this is the most difficult thing to get right.

Support in identifying the right candidate to reach your sales target and objectives with hands-on experience of all aspects of the recruitment challenge.

Package Rate Of €1,450 Includes:

As well as the above packages a la carte sessions are available from €290 for a 1-1 consultation and from €850 for a half-day tailored workshop including pre and post support. 

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