Sales Consultancy Pricing

Depending on your needs we can help you achieve success in a variety of different ways:

The Selling Labs Sales Advice

Sales Coaching

A lighter intervention, this will focus on whatever is a priority for you at the moment in time, whether it’s devising a sales and marketing strategy before you go in front of an investor or dealing with a particular obstacle standing in the way of your success.

FROM €700
The Selling Labs Sales Solutions

Diagnostic & Solutions

We look at what is working in your current sales organisation and how to preserve it, and what aspects need to change. We help create a range of solutions by talking to key contributors and advise how you can make the changes.

FROM €1,900
The Selling Labs - Immersion

A Full Immersion

This includes all the aspects of the first package with the addition of the full execution of the plan, alongside your leadership team where appropriate.

FROM €3,800

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