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Depending on your needs we can help you achieve success in a variety of different ways:

The Selling Labs Sales Advice

One-To-One Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is one of the fastest growing and most effective ways of improving your sales leadership. Confidential, empowering and 100% tailored to your specific goals, feedback from leaders like you is that it has a powerful impact on professional effectiveness and happiness.

FROM €290
The Selling Labs Sales Solutions


We offer a full range of set-price, off-the-shelf packages that have been constructed based on the needs of previous clients. We stress test these packages and only offer them again if evaluation and feedback has been 100% favourable. The content covers a variety of areas that sales teams find challenging. All our interventions are delivered in our own unique delivery style, action-orientated, focused on problem solving, interactive, and 100% tailored to your unique business. For details of these packages please refer to the relevant service pages.

FROM €1,100
The Selling Labs - Immersion

diagnose & solve

If you know your sales results are not where they should be but you’re not sure exactly what’s going on, we will help you diagnose the problem and create a plan to fix it. As with all our client work, it kicks off with a no-commitment conversation after which we will review, diagnose and make recommendations to get your team back on track. This includes a full execution of the plan, alongside your leadership team where appropriate.


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