Tax Assist

Tax Assist is a national group of franchisee-owners offering accounting support to local businesses. Each franchise is a branded shop-front retail outlet with a local community feel.

Tax Assist Accountants - The Selling Labs


Faced with disparate growth and no peer learning among franchisees, our challenge was to devise a way for the Managing Director to develop and oversee a culture of key performance metrics including client numbers and revenue turnover while still holding the franchise owner accountable.

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The Solution

The Selling Labs introduced quarterly peer coaching sessions, six franchisees at a time, grouped together according to the size, characteristics and performance of each business. At these sessions, we introduced key performance indicators and a simple dashboard to track them. Each Franchisee was therefore accountable quarterly for the numbers tracked.

The Method

The Selling Labs did a deep dive quarterly into each topic that was affecting growth – price strategy, staff, business development and culture. The small groups made peer coaching very effective and a range of different facilitation styles encouraged lively debate and sharing of ideas and tips.

The Result

The feedback from each Franchisee was consistently very positive. Comments about the sessions were ‘a very useful way to take stock of my business and consider how I can improve sales’ and ‘hearing from other leaders about their sales challenges helps me think longer-term and more strategically’.

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