Golden Ireland

Golden Ireland helps the over 50s plan exciting and stimulating holidays in Ireland, from relaxing luxurious breaks to active adventure holidays. Services cover travel news, travel offers, reviews and exclusive discounts.


After the disruption of travel during Lockdown, Golden Ireland wanted to expand their product offering into new markets and improve their internal operating model. The Selling Labs helped reboot their business development drives with new market development and an internal organisation review to maximise resources.

The Solution

The Selling Labs supported Golden Ireland by starting with the basics – reviewing the current operating model, understanding how resources were allocated and reviewing the company’s go-to-market strategy. Key metrics to measure the performance of key tourism partners needed to be set, to understand social media traffic and conversion.

A series of business planning sessions with the CEO, and an ideation session with the full team, contributed to the creation of a multi-stage strategy to increase market share in this competitive sector. Primary and secondary revenue streams were identified along with a series of actions to make the changes stick.

The Method

Two main actions contributed to developing the business plan:

Understanding which marketing and social media initiatives were working and ways to increase them.

Establishing deeper and more sustained partnerships with hotels in Ireland. Hotels are key to the business model and the quality and regularity of inventory varied. The Selling Labs helped Golden Ireland select key hotels and prepare an approach to deepen commercial partnerships.

The Result

Involving the full team in identifying the steps necessary for growth inspired a sense of ownership in the process and quickly resulted in an increase in bookings and revenue.

“The Selling Labs helped us to inspire and empower the team to look at the business more objectively. They offered a different perspective on all parts of our business. It helped us see more clearly what was working and what was not and take action as a result.”

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