London Content Company (LoCoCo)

The London Content Company (LoCoCo) is a media and marketing platform.

London Content Company - The Selling Labs


The London Content Company, (LoCoCo), a media and marketing platform, connects businesses with their local communities through news, content and features. The company saw opportunities during Covid to help businesses take advantage of the renewed interest in all things local. The team was brimming with ideas but struggled to turn them into a commercial vision and strategy. The Selling Labs was selected to help focus on the core offering and turn it into a go-to-market strategy.

Case Study - London Content Company - The Selling Labs

The Solution

The Selling Labs used its skill in facilitating groups to uncover the potential offered by the product concept in a series of workshops with the team. On paper it was straightforward but in reality it meant competing in a complex and tricky space: digital news and media. The team’s desire to innovate in the local media industry had to pivot around the shifting realities of the lockdowns. The Selling Labs’ structured approach to defining a vision helped the company prepare for the next phase of growth.

The Method

The Selling Labs worked with Lococo to define clear and actionable goals. The 1-1 and group coaching sessions helped define the value proposition, clarify the product, and brainstorm how to monetise the opportunities with small and medium business in the North London area. Thanks to the work with The Selling Labs, LoCoCO were able to get an external perspective and brainstorm their brand identity and vision. The result was clarity around the product, pricing and next steps. ”It was a valuable process to undertake. We feel much more prepared” they said.

The Result

”The Selling Labs’ sales acumen and their practical, outcome-oriented approach brought together disparate intellectual challenges and personalities, as well as positively isolating the salient points of a discussion and shepherd a team to the right conclusions. Working with The Selling Labs was a brilliant experience; a really valuable opportunity, quite unlike anything we had been involved in before”

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