Melissa Curry

Melissa Curry is an internationally renowned fashion designer with international fame with fresh and exciting jewellery concepts and visionary artistic drive.


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As a founder of a jewellery and travel retail start-up with global online distribution, Melissa always had a clear idea of the vision for her business and the market gaps she was responding to. She found it easy to inspire others to partner with her- whether it was airline shopping opportunities, cruise companies or fashion retailers. Her greatest challenge was turning the vision into money, the nuts and bolts of monetizing her range of products, and getting down to the nitty-gritty of sales forecasts and value propositions.

Case Study - Melissa Curry - The Selling Labs

The Solution

The Selling Labs spent time with Melissa understanding her challenges and brainstorming what might go wrong, the different personalities involved and how the monetary scenarios may play out. This helped Melissa feel comfortable for whatever may be thrown at her and with preparation came confidence.

The Method

The Selling Labs worked with her to break what was challenging her, conquering the fear of investor pitches by preparing the deck and adapting my pitch to ‘speaking their language’. Together they worked through the many variables in costings, and revenue estimates so Melissa could confidently present numbers to future partners. Natalie helped her analyze and clarify her commercial partnerships, brand alliances, and corporate sponsorships. The Selling Labs role-played different scenarios with Melissa so she could prepare in real time for investor meetings and tricky retailers.

The Result

Feedback from Melissa was strong. She described Natalie ”as a cool, commercial head with oodles of wisdom which made me feel relaxed. Her expansive knowledge in life, business and the corporate world makes her a phenomenal and strategic resource for the SME business and startup community. Natalie is on the pulse of what we need and what is best for our business”

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