Food Choice at Work

Food Choice at Work (FCW) is a scientifically proven, technology-led, sustainable healthy eating management system for employees that offers employers a significant return on investment through reduced levels of obesity and absenteeism and increased productivity.

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With a long sales cycle and high entry investment point, FCW needed an experienced, sophisticated commercial approach in partnering in the competitive food retailer sector- both the end customer and the intermediary who represented the industry.

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The Solution

As a new and innovative product-offering in the sector, and one that would replaced a company’s canteen system, FCW had a long sales cycle and needed to keep the momentum up for a long time while interested parties considered and tested the product before deciding to invest. This required FCW’s board maintaining tricky relationships with key stakeholders. In addition the more traditional intermediaries, hungry to hold on to their position of influence between food provider and client, often exploited FCW’s offering. The Selling Labs helped design a series of conversations that enabled FCW to stay on track and maintain their edge.

The Method

Across a series of hourly sessions The Selling Labs worked with Food Choice At Work to develop and launch a sales strategy. Central to this was a review of buying cycles across global corporates which helped to refine pitch and proposal templates that would resonate with this market.

The Result

Stakeholders agreed that the knowledge bank and experience of The Selling Labs in dealing with tense internal politics was extremely useful in adding a different perspective to the work necessary to scale Food Choice At Work, in particular the tricky negotiations with clients and intermediary parties.

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