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As a Founder of a start-up or leader of a small enterprise you may be stuck in your efforts to find new customers and effectively monetize your product. Maybe you expected your product would attract new enterprises without the need for marketing or a dedicated sales team. Or maybe you’ve exhausted your referrals and contacts and need to start to be more pioneering. The good news is that these are common problems that we at The Selling Labs are expert at solving.

Success starts with a plan of where you want to take your business commercially – your market share, customer base and your sales and marketing plan. What you plan for today will determine your business for tomorrow and we’ll help you arrive at that point by applying our proven methods on building a sales strategy so you have a clear – and achievable – path forward.

Scaling your business can seem daunting when you’ve been focused on getting the product right. We will help you identity the right processes to kickstart and streamline your sales efforts, starting small and allowing for scale as you grow. As a product manager or engineer you may have no hands-on sales experience, and lack knowledge of the right operational sales models. We can help you devise simple lead generation programmes and share ideas on incentivising the first members of your sales team

We will work with you to help you identify, onboard and partner with clients to maximise customer satisfaction. From the material and collateral you use to communicate your product advantages to the competitive landscape, we will help you ensure that your value proposition and unique selling proposition is convincing and memorable. We will help you ascertain which kind of customer requires which onboarding and service model and help you put a pipeline process in place to ensure compliant sales hygiene.


Depending on your needs we can help you achieve success in a variety of different ways:

The Selling Labs Sales Advice

Sales Coaching

A lighter intervention, this will focus on whatever is a priority for you at the moment in time, whether it’s devising a sales and marketing strategy before you go in front of an investor or dealing with a particular obstacle standing in the way of your success.

FROM €700
The Selling Labs Sales Solutions

Diagnostic & Solutions

We look at what is working in your current sales organisation, how to preserve it, and what aspects need to change. We help create a range of solutions by talking to key contributors and advise how you can make the changes.

FROM €1,900
The Selling Labs - Immersion

A Full Immersion

This includes all the aspects of the first package with the addition of the full execution of the plan, alongside your leadership team where appropriate.

FROM €3,800

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